How to Plan a Study Schedule for the CPA Exam

How to Plan a Study Schedule for the CPA Exam


Think of Study Time in Terms of Weeks or Even Months

The greatest mistake a student can make in terms of planning their study schedule for the CPA Exam is to think of study time in terms of weeks or even months.  If someone tells you they spent three months studying for FAR that does not tell you what effort was involved.  Did they study every day?  Five days out of seven?  And, more importantly, how much time did they spend studying each day?  To really understand the task that lies ahead of you, you should think of the commitment of studying for the CPA Exam as the number of aggregate hours of study required to be fully prepared.


ExamMatrix Software Will Calibrate How Many Hours of Studying Per Day

The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review uses a study calendar called “Set Exam Date”.  In the calendar you select your target exam date, then choose the days of the week you want to study.  The software will calibrate how many hours of study per day are required to be prepared for the CPA Exam.  As you study day to day, the “Set Exam Date” functionality will look at your studying history and then adjust your suggested study time up or down depending upon your performance.

As a rule of thumb, we tell students to be prepared to study a minimum of 100 hours per exam section. Purchase the CPA exam review from ExamMatrix today!