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Surgent’s ReadySCORE™ feature accurately and clearly indicates your CPA, EA, CMA, CIA, and CISA Exam readiness, so you know exactly how you’re performing cumulatively by content area and topic throughout all question types including multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and written communication questions. With ReadySCORE™, you’ll know exactly how ready you are to sit for your accounting credential or certification Exam.

ReadySCORE™ is calibrated to real Exam scoring. For example, Surgent students who achieve a ReadySCORE of 75 or more* using Surgent CPA Review pass the CPA Exam a remarkable 88% of the time (vs. national average pass rates, which hover around 50%). On average, Surgent CPA Review students improve their ReadySCORE™ from a 43 to an 84 while studying with the program. All of Surgent’s Exam Reviews include the ReadySCORE™ feature which clearly has proven results. It really works!

How is ReadySCORE™ calculated?

You’ll start your Exam prep with a thorough assessment, which includes questions pulled from all the Exam categories from each credential or certifications respective Exam. Surgent takes your assessment results and real category content weightings from actual exam blueprints to calculate your baseline ReadySCORE™, or what you could expect to score on the Exam if you took it that day.

As you make your way through each study session, Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology™ algorithm tracks your performance in real time by content area, topic, and question type then updates your ReadySCORE™ to reflect your progress in each of those areas. As your ReadySCORE™ changes, you will know just how you prepared you are for every aspect of the Exam every step of the way.

Exam Candidates Can Use ReadySCORE™ to:

  • Identify the content areas and topics where you need to spend more—or less—time studying, which always align with the latest Exam blueprints.
  • Ensure preparedness for all question types: multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and written communication questions.
  • See how you’re progressing with each passing study session.
  • Take the guesswork out of Exam readiness.

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