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    Carolyn Rivera

    Are you one of the many folks who have recently been instructed to self-quarantine? In this forum, let’s chat about what we can do to support each other, stay motivated, and have a little fun during these times!


    Hey! Evan Moore, Business Development at Surgent here. Make sure that you’re talking to your co-workers via video chat if possible, even if you just log on at lunch to say hello. There’s a human element to your career that helps keep you motivated. Since everyone is feeling as disconnected and isolated right now, be sure to check in and say hi whenever possible. Try a virtual happy hour at the end of the day!


    Hi Everyone! My name is Brittany Revels, and I am a Market Development Associate here at Surgent Exam Review. When working from home I find having a comfortable workstation is ideal. Adding time blocks into my calendar helps me stay organized and focused on everything I need to accomplish for that day. It creates a sense of structure that you would typically receive if you were working in the office.


    Hello! My name is Dawn, and I’m the Director of Email Marketing at Surgent. To ease the strain of working at home, I’ve been going out for walks during my lunch break or shortly after work hours. Get some fresh air, get some steps, and get away from all those screens! Having my cats at home is also a huge comfort and a welcome distraction during the work day. Don’t have a pet? Now is a great time to consider adopting, or even just fostering, from your local shelter! You really can’t go wrong with a furry quarantine buddy 🙂


    Hey! I’m Ryan, and I am a Director for Surgent. I recommend taking some time to evaluate how, where and when you study best. Aim to study and schedule your exam during times when your mind works best.

    If you’re a morning person, try studying and scheduling your exams during morning time slots. If sitting in silence drives you crazy, try streaming some instrumentals in the background while you’re studying.

    Lastly, figure out where to study. Some people operate best in their PJs, curled up on the couch. As for me, I have to be sitting at a desk, in a dedicated room with a door, where I can block out distractions, otherwise I’ll lose focus.

    Again, it’s all about better understanding the study conditions that put you in the best position to comprehend the information so you’ll be prepared to pass the exam when the time comes. Good luck!


    It’s so much easier to get distracted at home (children, pets, TV, roommates, chores, etc.)! Make sure wherever you’re working or studying is as much of a distraction-free zone as possible.


    Hi. I am Shirley Claude, A Director here at Surgent. Some folks have a hard time studying and working from home because of the distractions. My advice is for acclimation is to treat it like training for a marathon. You wouldn’t just hop up off your couch and try to run 26 miles. You would work up to that distance and increase your stamina. So start studying/working in bursts and then take a break and go get water or pop outside for some fresh air and then increase your time as your day progresses, trying to focus on work or a single project or chapter.


    It is understandable that studying and working from home will be a bit difficult, especially when the environment isn’t a good focusing place for you. It is best to take multiple breaks whenever you can throughout the day, as you will be looking at your screen for hours at a time. Make sure you are regularly eating well and are trying to incorporate any new things into your new daily life. Try to video chat with family members or friends to chat up. Learn new things too!


    Hi! My name is Jonathan Aharon and I’m a Student Ambassador for Surgent who has begun using Surgent for FAR. The main obstacle I have observed from studying at home are resisting the potential distractions and staying diligent and committed to your study plan. I find that closing my other tabs, closing the door to my room, silencing my cell phone, and being in rooms that give me space away from other people in the house are great ways to create an environment that is distraction-free. I’d recommend a similar setup for others, making for yourself a workstation where you can be organized and in an environment removed of distractions.

    At the same time, you want to be smart with how you study. Knowing how you study is very key. If you are the type of person who can handle going over information for long periods of times you should do it, but if you like to take a break every few hours, than work that into your study plan and take those breaks. All the time you put into study should be done in a way where you’ll have a good retention of what you’ve learned.

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