Frequently Asked Questions About Preparing for the CPA Exam

CPA Exam Review FAQs

How can I be certain I’ll pass with your Review?

First, you’ll never have to guess whether or not you’re ready to take and pass the Exam. Our software continually evaluates your readiness on each section by carefully comparing the types and formats of questions you successfully answer against the weighting of those questions within the Exam’s Content and Specification Outline. From your scores on the Progress Report, which is built into the software, you will know when you are ready to take and pass that section. There’s no guesswork.

Then there’s our track record. Tens of thousands of candidates have passed their sections using our reviews. If for some reason you don’t pass one or more exam sections, you can rely on our Pass or Refund Guarantee policy to refund you the purchase price of each exam section you purchased but didn’t pass after following our study requirements.

That’s why you can be absolutely certain that if you use our ExamMatrix Review, you’ll pass your exam the very next time.

How long will it take for me to complete your review?

Because our reviews are designed to personalize your study program, there is no set length. The amount of time you require depends entirely on your abilities, the time you have available, and the pace you prefer. But, because our reviews create a 100% personalized study program, specific to your study needs, the time you require to prepare for your exam can be reduced by as much as half when compared to more traditional methods of study.

Our review will take as much – or as little – time as you require for us to validate your readiness to take and pass your exam. And if you want to be absolutely certain you will pass, you’ll appreciate that.

Why do you have fewer objective questions than some other reviews?

More questions don’t necessarily make a review better – they just make it longer to complete. We prefer to use a smaller set of well-designed, appropriately weighted questions that are more indicative of what you’ll face on the current Exam.

As such, we’ve always had fewer questions than some other reviews. Our questions are designed to reflect the types and forms of questions you’ll experience on your Exam. But they are also crafted to give us quantitative and qualitative data on how you respond to each particular type and form, for our software’s use in defining your subsequent study sessions. This allows us to use fewer questions to get a better result overall.

For over two decades, the success of our reviews has proven conclusively that passing your exam is not about the absolute number of questions you practiced with in advance. It’s about learning precisely what you need to know, mastering the application of concepts that will be tested on your Exam, and having the confidence that you are absolutely ready to pass.

We deliver all of that with fewer questions.

How close is your review to the actual Exam?

We’ve designed all our reviews to closely match the actual exam format and functionality, so, when you go to sit for the actual exam you’ll be working in an environment that you’re already accustomed to and are comfortable with. In addition all our reviews accurately reflect the types and formats of questions, and their weighting, on the actual exams.

While no one now has access to the exact questions that will appear on the Exam, we are certain that the questions we use in our review, and the exam simulations we provide, closely mirror the conceptual content and methodologies used in the exam.

We’re not an exact duplicate of the Exam – no review can be – but we provide the right materials and the right training for our candidates.

Do I have to use the “Adaptive Learning” technology or can I study on my own?

You can opt to study on your own by creating your own Customized Study Session. With Customized Study Session you have 100% control over your study. Chose to study by a specific category or sub category, or create a study session comprised of troubled questions or questions missed last time seen for example. There are myriad of other options to help you create a study session targeting exactly what you want to study.

Having said that, we recommend you do the bulk of your studying in the Adaptive Learning Mode. That’s because the Adaptive Learning Mode will optimize your available study time and provide experienced guidance to ensure that you don’t dwell on areas you’ve already mastered at the expense of areas where you may need more work. It also employs a predicative model that more accurately reflects the weighting of topics and question types found on the exam itself, so the study sessions it generates automatically for you are in line with what you’ll face.

Lastly, according to our students, it also makes studying more stimulating and, as such, more effective since a more motivated and interested user tends to learn better and faster.

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