CPA Exam Review Book Samples

CPA Exam Review Book Samples


The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review Course comes with expertly written CPA review books. These CPA review books come in both digital book format that’s merged right into the software, and, as traditional hardcopy books.

Seamlessly integrated into the ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review Software the CPA Exam Review books are referenced directly from each individual question explanation screen. Question explanations and the printed/digital reference material play a significant role in the ExamMatrix study methodology (link). After the student answers a question the CPA Exam Review software provides a detailed explanation of the correct answer and the exact location(s) in the CPA Exam Review Course books for additional understanding, when required.

In addition, the software generates a personalized reading assignment called a Reference Report. The Reference Report is a reading list, based on the student’s study history, to help the student explore and study the content areas that will have the greatest impact on improving that student’s scores.

Provided are a few brief samples from each section:

Book Sample: Auditing & Attestation
Book Sample: Business Environment and Concepts
Book Sample: Financial Accounting and Reporting
Book Sample: Regulation

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