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ExamMatrix Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy and security of consumers’ information is very important to us. Our website serves the following functions:

  1. provides consumers with information about the collection and use of data for online advertising;
  2. provides consumers a means to opt out of Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) by ExamMatrix members;
  3. provides a means by which consumers may submit questions or complaints concerning ExamMatrix;
  4. provides information for companies seeking information about ExamMatrix membership and allows them to contact the ExamMatrix for more information; and
  5. contains password-protected pages where ExamMatrix students can access member-only materials.


The following statement describes the overall company practices of ExamMatrix, including advertising on our network of websites, as well as across other internal sites, and products and services that are offered by ExamMatrix. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that ExamMatrix does not own or control, or to people that ExamMatrix does not employ.

Non-Personally Identifiable Consumer Data

ExamMatrix delivers advertisements across multiple channels and media, including to web surfers who visit any of the websites that are a part of ExamMatrix’s network. With respect to individuals who visit those sites, we, and/or one or more of our third party advertising technology vendors, may collect what is known as “Click Stream Data.” Click Stream Data is anonymous, and includes information such as a web surfer’s IP address, web pages which have been viewed by a web surfer, date and time, domain type, and responses by a web surfer to an advertisement delivered by us or a third party advertising technology vendor. We, and/or a third party advertising technology vendor, may use different types of technologies to collect this type of information, including cookies and web beacons (1×1 pixels). In addition to the Click Stream Data collected across our web network, ExamMatrix owns numerous websites and services, and often runs promotions and sweepstakes offers through various Internet channels, and collects information at those sites. As a part of the registration process at ExamMatrix, we may request and collect additional non-personally identifiable information about the visitor. Examples of the non-personally identifiable data that may be requested include age, gender, and interests. None of the foregoing information (collectively referred to as “non-personally identifiable data”), by itself, or together, can by its nature be tracked to a specific individual. Web surfers who have provided registration data to ExamMatrix may elect to have their data deleted from our files, or kept from being used for purposes other than for the service requested, by following the Opt-Out procedures set forth below. Personally identifiable information that is collected at a ExamMatrix website is discussed immediately below.

At some of the ExamMatrix websites, we ask people to register and provide personally identifiable data. ExamMatrix is committed to making sure that clear notice and choice is provided to all consumers before the personally identifiable data is collected, and that they have opted-in to our use of their data. Examples of personally identifiable data that may be requested include name, address, and email address. Web surfers who have provided personally identifiable data may elect to have their data deleted from our files, or kept from being used for purposes other than for the service requested, by following the Opt-Out procedures set forth below.

How Collected Information is Used

The non-personally identifiable data that ExamMatrix and/or its third party advertising technology vendors collect are used for marketing and sales efforts to better target advertisements to people across the different websites they visit. ExamMatrix may also use the non-personally identifiable data to better target content to individuals in an effort to create a personally relevant experience for each person. If a consumer elects to provide ExamMatrix with personally identifiable data, we may utilize such data for marketing purposes.

Sharing With Third Parties

All personally identifiable data provided by individuals is maintained in confidence by ExamMatrix.

Security Precautions

ExamMatrix makes significant efforts to maintain the security of its network and the data we collect. We use various technologies, including, in certain instances, encryption, to ensure the high security standards. Any data that is stored on ExamMatrix’s servers is treated as confidential and is not generally available to the public. ExamMatrix has an internal security policy with respect to the confidentiality of customer and other data, limiting access only to those employees who we reasonably believe need to know such information for the purpose of performing their jobs. Please keep in mind, however, that the Internet is not a 100% secure medium. Therefore, although we use reasonable efforts to protect information, the possibility of somebody defeating our security measures does exist.

Personally Identifiable Consumer Data – Opt-Out

If a consumer elects to provide ExamMatrix with personally identifiable data, he or she has the right to tell us not to make some of the uses of such data described herein or may have such data deleted in its entirety at any time. Simply contact us and provide the name of the service for which you provided information and let us know what level of opt-out you would like to exercise. These include: (1) Do not solicit me with special offers other than those related to the service I signed up for, or (2) Remove my data from your database for such service completely. Once we receive this instruction, we will promptly take corrective action. Please note that we will need you to provide your email address or other previously provided personal identifier in order to identify you in the Opt-Out process. Also, please remember that if you choose to delete your information completely you will no longer receive the ExamMatrix service in question.

A Special Note About the European Union

European Union web surfers understand and consent to the processing of personal information in the United States.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The issue of privacy is an evolving one. ExamMatrix is committed to the constant monitoring and examination of its privacy practices, and may, from time to time, institute changes to its Privacy Policy. In the event that any material changes are made to the company’s privacy practices, we will promptly make changes to this privacy policy that discloses the changes.

Privacy Contact

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to ExamMatrix at ExamMatrix is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites to which this site may link.

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