CIA Exam Review Cram Course


Our Full Blown CIA Exam Review Section with a 90-Day Subscription

90 days access to your CIA exam review section’s full test bank of questions, Adaptive-Learning diagnostics, and practice exams.

Designed for the student who’s looking for those elusive final 5-10 points. The ExamMatrix CIA Cram Course is the same course as our full 12 month CIA Exam Review offered at a condensed subscription length.

Take Your CIA Exam Section With 100% Confidence

You’ve spent the last few months preparing for your exam section with the CIA exam review course a colleague recommended but as your exam date nears you’re not completely sure you’re ready; don’t worry ExamMatrix can help. With the ExamMatrix 90-day Cram Course you’ll spend the final weeks leading up to your exam working through a fresh test bank of multiple-choice questions, practice exams and task-based simulations.

The ExamMatrix Student Dashboard will provide you with invaluable performance data that will expose any content areas that may require some fine tuning. So come test day there will be no surprises.

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