Certified management accountants – or CMAs – are financial professionals who hold a certification in a rapidly expanding career sector. These accounting professionals balance tasks including financial reporting, financial management, investment decisions, corporate finance, cost management, risk management, financial decision making, and strategic management with their knowledge of professional ethics. Once obtaining your CMA certification s a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, established and fledgling CMAs can build their network through their connections within the IMA. Building your professional network is key to establishing your reputation within an industry. These connections can be the difference between getting client referrals and landing that position you’ve always wanted.

When a person outside of the financial accounting sphere thinks of this professional certification, they might equate the responsibilities of decision analysis, external financial reporting decisions, financial statement analysis, internal controls, with a “boring desk job”. However, the CMA work experience doesn’t have to live within the confines of a desk space.

There are many industries that demand a financial analyst, financial planning, management accounting, and the other duties being a Certified Management Accountant demands. With a little bit of research, you’ll find there are plenty of interesting industries that have a need for a professional with a CMA designation.

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