Enrolled agents – or EAs – are tax professionals that have a unique capability amongst the other professions contingent upon obtaining a credential or certification; these tax experts – like CPAs – are allowed by the U.S. Department of Treasury to legally represent their clients in front of the IRS!

This credential is also nationally recognized. You can practice with it in any one of the United States with unlimited practice rights. Obtaining enrolled agent status is a great career option that enables you to take your tax preparation experience with you on your travels.

Another really interesting fact about the enrolled agent credential is there is no formal education requirement necessary to obtain enrolled agent status. Seriously! The only set requirements on the path to becoming an EA are earning a passing score on the Special Enrollment Examination – otherwise known as the SEE Exam – and passing a background check. Alternately, those who have at least 5 years of experience or more in a tax preparation position within the IRS office are also eligible to file for enrolled agent status by completing and submitting Form 23.

Use a reputable exam review course to ensure you pass the enrolled agent exam, apply your years of experience in the IRS, utilize your expertise in tax compliance, and successfully complete a background check to exercise your unlimited rights all over the country as an enrolled agent!

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