Whether you’re pursuing your CPA, CMA, or you’re planning on acquiring another one of the other super beneficial credentials and certifications out there, it’s in your best interest to find yourself an exam review course that caters to your schedule, learning style, and allows you to study in the most efficient manner.

Typically, study times vary depending on what exam you’re reviewing for. For example, most people recommend at least 150 hours of study time per part if you’re planning on taking the CPA Exam. Exam reviews typically include self-study materials for students to study at their own pace. These study materials typically include multiple choice questions, mock exam questions, on-demand video lectures, practice exams, and outline the exam topics you’ll see on the actual CPA exam. However, some CPA Review courses and Exam reviews also incorporate adaptive learning technologies that help students focus on the information they need to study most.


Not all adaptive learning technologies are created equally. While some big name exam review providers claim to incorporate adaptive technology within their study materials, some of the adaptive learning technologies are actually less adaptive than others. When searching for the best exam review for you – take note of the differences in each CPA Exam Review course and Exam Review provider’s adaptive learning nuances. Try as many free trials of prep course providers and read reviews from other students. Doing this will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of each exam review provider’s adaptive learning capabilities and truly be able to commit to the exam prep that will save you the most time and adequately prepare you for exam day.

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Liz Kolar: If you’re preparing for the CPA exam, choosing the review course that is best for you is a very important decision. There are several things you should consider as you evaluate your different review programs.

  • What’s your learning style?
    • If you like to read a lot at your own pace, moving from chapter to chapter, you’ll want a course that offers supplemental textbooks, flashcards, study guides, and lecture notes.
    • If you like to watch videos, you might want a package that incorporates plenty of on-demand lectures. I also recommend looking for courses that offer shorter length and more focused videos. This will help improve engagement and retention.
    • If you like to learn by doing, look for a course that allows you to work on MCQs early and often.
    • If you could use one-on-one interaction with a professor or exam coach, you’ll want a course that offers either live instructors or access to exam experts via email, chat, or phone.
  • How much time do you have available to study?This is a very important question. I know it’s often difficult to juggle the demands of working or attending school full-time and studying for the exam. Courses that offer adaptive learning will help maximize your study efficiency and effectiveness and will reduce your overall study time.
    • Have time during a long commute to study?
      Well, you might want to pick a course that’s mobile capable so you can take the course with you wherever you go.

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