For first-year accounting students, getting into the college life groove can be a real challenge. High school life is very different from what your college experience will be like. From dorm rooms to new people, to new friends, to remembering to get enough sleep — your first year of college can set the pace for your college career.

Once you start college you have a clean slate. To become a successful college student, there are some very important tips for you to keep in mind as you embark on your first semester. First and foremost – attaining good grades and balancing your mental health and well-being are key. Once you develop good habits — which can mean joining a study group, creating a study plan, incorporating extracurricular activities that enable you to study, and generally creating a good pattern of time management between your workload and social life — your freshman year of college or first semester and subsequently your college career will be a breeze.

See what first-year college tips our ExamMatrix expert, Ryan Hirsh, thinks are super important to keep in mind.

Have you started your first year as an accounting student?

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