At ExamMatrix, one of our overall goals is to help give prospective accounting professionals a wide view of where their CPA, CMA, CISA, or any other accounting credential they obtain can take them on their professional journey.

Recently, we interviewed former KPMG employee and current Temple University Ph.D. student, Steve Maex, about his personal journey from his interests in high school, when he fell in love with accounting and his experiences working with small accounting firms to then working for one of the Big Four firms in the accounting world.

Maex also acquired both his CPA and CISA certifications relatively early on in his career, which opened up avenues in his professional trajectory that may not have been available with just one credential. Today, Steve is a Ph.D candidate in the Fox Business and Management School at Temple University, focusing on Accounting.

This inaugural Professional Spotlight episode will give you an idea of tips and tricks for your interview process, the test-taking and study experience for the CPA Exam, and the pros and cons of working with both small and large accounting firms. Most importantly, hearing Steve Maex’s experience and career path will perhaps expand your perspective on where your accounting certification can take you.

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