Taking the CPA exam can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are many review courses out there that have all kinds of study materials that reflect what you might see on the real CPA exam. Multiple choice questions and task-based simulations included on practice exams a just a couple of the study tools that can be found on a sample test. Having an understanding of the kinds of exam questions you may come across as well as the format of each exam section can be extremely helpful in preparing a CPA candidate to take their actual exam.

But what if there were a smarter way to study? Today many CPA Review courses incorporate adaptive technology that can be super helpful in allowing you to study more efficiently. Depending on the provider and depth of the software, adaptive technologies can learn what MCQs and practice questions are giving you the most trouble. From there, the adaptive algorithms help construct a conceptual framework that focuses on the topics you need to study most. Do your research and try as many free trials as you can to find an exam review that has the best adaptive technology out there.

One particular CPA review course has an additional tool that can help guide your study sessions and get you to study more efficiently. While Becker, Roger, Wiley, and Gleim all have their own variations of adaptive technology, Surgent CPA Review‘s ReadySCORE feature lets you know just how ready you are to sit for the CPA exam.

Before starting any of Surgent CPA Review’s practice tests or trying your hand on any MCQs, students have the ability to take an initial assessment that emulates the CPA exam, which gives you a score that is within four points* of what you would get on the actual exam. When you know your ReadySCORE, you know how you’ll do on exam day.

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Ryan Hirsch: Deciding on a study program is really important. Selecting the wrong program can cost you time and money. Most review courses provide mock exams with sample questions to familiarize yourself with the exam content. Completing these mock exams is a good tool, but it only measures your activity – not necessarily your productivity.

At Surgent our ReadySCORE feature measures your CPA, EA, CMA, CISA, and CIA Exam readiness.

Here’s how it works – when you start with Surgent you’re given an initial assessment. Based on that our adaptive learning software – powered by A.S.A.P. Technology – establishes your baseline ReadySCORE to let you know what you’d score on that exam if you were to take it that day.

Plus your personalized ReadySCORE changes and adapts in real time as you move throughout the course. On the CPA Review side – we’ve found that on average students increase their ReadySCORE from a 43 to an 84 while studying with Surgent.

ReadySCORE really works and it will give you the confidence to know that you’ll be ready to pass your exam the first time.  So, before you sit for your next exam – go beyond the mock exams. Find out your ReadySCORE and sit with confidence.


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