The steps to earning a Certified Internal Auditor credential otherwise known as the CIA credential take a great deal of commitment to pursue. The amount of time one should dedicate to the application process, work experience, and study time using your review course of choice to ensure success on the CIA exam is significant.

With all this in mind, you may first want to weigh the pros and cons of adding the CIA certification to your resume against the education requirements and experience requirements you will need to complete in order to earn it. At ExamMatrix, we want you to be certain you’re able to take on these eligibility requirements and decide whether the CIA certification is the right choice for you. If so, read on to learn more about these two very important courses of action on your certification process journey.

Inform Your Current Employer

Having a valued employee with a CIA designation is preferred by many companies. This professional certification and can increase your earning potential by as much as 40%, according to The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). After celebrating your success, you should immediately inform your employer of your new CIA certification and promptly inquire as to whether you’ve become qualified for an advanced position in internal control, fraud risks, financial management, information technology, quality assurance, risk management, or any of the other internal audit professions available within your respective company.

Explore Career Opportunities

A CIA certification tells top global organizations that you have achieved a level of expertise that other professional candidates lack. Once passing the exam, you may consider applying to positions that were previously out of your reach – like an audit executive. On top of expanding your professional network as a new member of the IIA, you will be surprised at the professional leverage you gain in the accounting industry by holding a CIA designation.

Passing the CIA exam is a great accomplishment that speaks volumes about your expertise and professionalism in the field of internal auditing. If you are considering sitting for the CIA exam, you must study wisely in order to pass the exam. Using the right exam review course that incorporates adaptive learning technology, you can be certain that you will only study those areas with which you need more time versus fruitlessly pouring over the same material with little chance of earning a passing score.

To pass the CIA exam with flying colors, learn more about the steps you need take as a CIA candidate as you embark on your professional career in internal auditing.

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