If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Internal Auditor, you’re most certainly preparing for the CIA exam. Those in pursuit of their CIA certification may be wondering how often you can retake the CIA exam or when exactly you can complete the next exam part in the series. It’s integral as a CIA candidate to understand just how the testing process works in addition to the rules laid out by the IIA. The following helpful tidbits will better prepare you for the exam, learn what the best course of action is in the event you don’t pass the CIA exam, and allow you to better manage your time on your journey toward your CIA designation.

The 4-Year Period

Once your application has been approved by the Institute of Internal Auditors, you will have 4 years to complete all your education requirements and fulfill all necessary prior work experience, as well as pass your CIA exam to become certified. If you’re unable to complete all the experience requirements and pass each exam part in four years, you will forfeit all passing scores for the completed exam parts and lose out on the associated exam fees. At this point, you will have to reapply into the program and will be treated as a new CIA candidate.

You have the option to schedule more than one part at a time. If you pass an exam part you can move onto the next one immediately if you wish!

Pro tip: check your test results immediately at the testing center so you know whether you need to retake an exam part or whether you can move on to the next exam section.

How Often Can I Retake the CIA Exam or an Exam Part?
While you’re able to move onto the next part of the exam series immediately, the IIA has imposed a 90 day waiting period for retakes. So, if you fail one part of the CIA exam, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before you can retake that exam part. In short, you will have to wait approximately three months before you can take the CIA exam or a particular exam part again.

Lastly, you will be required to take the CIA exam within 180 days after registering. If you do not take at least one exam part within that time frame, you’ll be forced to register again.

While there are no limits on how many times you can retake an exam, you will be required to pay exam fees for each retake. Keep in mind – you will need to pass each exam part before the 4-year window concludes, so allow yourself plenty of time to account for potential retakes and associated waiting periods.

The practice of internal auditing can be really exciting and allow your career to move forward. All CIA certification candidates must be incredibly mindful in ensuring they successfully complete each exam part within the four-year time span. Because of this, it’s of utmost importance for all CIA candidates to choose an exam review that adequately prepares them for all the materials they’ll see on the exam syllabus.

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