Effective July 1, 2019, there will be some changes coming to the CPA Exam. These changes will affect the AUD – or auditing and attestation, BEC – or business environment and concepts, and REG – or regulation – exam sections; the FAR – or financial accounting and reporting – section will not be affected by these changes.

As a CPA candidate, it’s definitely not the most straightforward or intuitive study tip to stay in the loop about CPA Exam changes, but knowing about changes to the CPA Exam could make or break how effectively you’re studying – or even reveal that your CPA review course study materials don’t include the most up-to-date CPA Exam blueprints. 

When the AICPA makes content changes, they – along with NASBA AKA the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy – will issue an announcement letting CPA candidates and CPA Review course providers of exam content changes. These announcements allow course providers to make any changes to multiple-choice questions, simulations, practice exams, videos, and all other study materials the CPA Review course offers to prospective CPA candidates. Without knowing these CPA Exam changes, CPA candidates wouldn’t know whether or not course providers are supplying the most up-to-date study materials around.

This is why free trials are so important; once you start keeping up with CPA Exam changes and you compare free trials from different CPA Review Course providers, you will be able to identify not only who has the best, most comprehensive study materials and most effective software for studying, but you will also likely start to notice which providers have altered their study materials to help you pass the new CPA exam. 

Make sure you’re ready for testing time and check out Surgent CPA Review’s comprehensive breakdown of all the CPA Exam changes coming your way in July 2019.

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Carolyn M. Rivera: If you’re a CPA candidate getting ready to take your uniform CPA examination, we’ve got some industry news for you. In July 2019, there will be some content changes that you should be ready to see before you sit for CPA Exam. These changes will affect the AUD – or auditing and attestation, BEC – or business environment and concepts, and REG – or regulation – sections of the Exam. Once you adequately familiarize yourself with these CPA Exam changes, you’ll be ready to tackle each exam section on the new CPA Exam in no time!

Each year – and sometimes twice per year – the AICPA makes some tweaks to the CPA Exam blueprints. What this means is the AICPA slightly, and sometimes not so slightly, makes changes to the skills they’re testing for – which affects not only the exam content but also puts pressure on CPA Review courses and course providers to continuously ensure they’re providing the most relevant and up-to-date study materials. It’s a good idea to regularly check in on a CPA Exam changes so when you’re trying to choose between a CPA Review course, you’ll be able to see which course provider has the most up-to-date multiple choice questions, simulations, and practice questions. If the CPA Review course provider you’re thinking of studying with does not include exam content that reflects these changes – you should seek out another course provider with updated study material. Always do your research while choosing the best CPA Review course for you, but keep in mind that some course providers offer steep discounts for switching to their study programs if you decide a the CPA Review course of your choice isn’t working for you.

Briefly, the CPA Exam changes are as follows:

1. The AUD blueprint on audit data analytics has been expanded to include revised assessments on knowledge regarding information technology general information and applications.

2. The BEC blueprint now includes representative task statements for remembering and understanding and application.

3. The REG blueprint includes a revised representative task statement on the topic of federal taxation.

4. There were no changes to the FAR section of the exam.

For expanded information on the exam changes, please visit the link below to read more. Make sure you’re aware of all the changes so you can be ready to pass the CPA Exam at testing time!

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