The CPA Examination is a challenging assessment that serves as one of the final gateways into becoming a certified public accountant. The entire exam consists of 4 primary exam sections including auditing and attestation or AUD, business environment and concepts or BEC, financial accounting and reporting or FAR, and regulation or REG; completing each of these consecutively can be a four-hour process. Each of these exam sections requires up to 150 hours of study time per part for CPA candidates to have the best shot at passing the CPA exam on their first try.

If you are an accounting student or someone preparing to add this credential to your resume, you should do everything in your power to engage with your study materials to the best of your ability in order to attain a passing score, therefore, ensuring you obtain your CPA license in the most time effective way possible.

With scattered testing windows and score release dates, and pass rates generally remaining around 50%, we understand how nerve-wracking the entire process can be – from scheduling, to ensuring you’ve fulfilled all of your eligibility requirements, staying up to date on all AICPA and NASBA changes. At ExamMatrix, our goal is to help financial accounting students study for and pass the CPA Exam with ease.

This is our foolproof plan for passing the CPA Exam with your CPA review of choice.

Choose a method of studying that works with your schedule. There are many CPA Exam review products available, both online and in bookstores. Your CPA Review should include study materials that suit your educational needs. Determine what kind of learner you are to help you decide what kind of CPA review course will be the best fit for your lifestyle.
Learn from your mistakes. Make sure the CPA Exam review you choose has an adaptive component within their software that reacts to how you answer each question. Adaptive technology has the ability to identify both your strengths and weaknesses and allows you to focus the exam content that will help you learn to correct your previous mistakes and save you study time.

Simulate the exam as closely as possible. A great CPA review software will allow you to experience simulations that mimic the look and feel of the uniform CPA examination. Read reviews and do your research to determine what CPA review provider includes study material that most accurately reflects the actual exam content.

Spend your money wisely. With so many CPA review providers on the market, it can be tough to decipher which companies CPA review software actually results in increased pass rates, to what degree their technologies are actually adapting to your study needs, and how updated their CPA review study materials really are. Look beyond the amount of popularity and public interest a particular CPA provider has and try as many free trials as you can for yourself to see what CPA provider presents their study materials in a way that resonates with you.

Have any more questions? Ask our experts.

Happy test taking!

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