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If you don’t yet have an idea on the best career path for you, start learning more about each credential by figuring out Which Accounting Credential is Right for You. Perhaps you’ve decided on a career path and you’re ready for the next step; passing your respective exams requires Choosing an Exam Review Course that will best suit your needs. After choosing the best review course for you, Tips & Strategies for Studying are always helpful during the study process. After comprehensive reviewing, you may think you’re ready to sit for your exam; it’s important to ask just How Ready Are You to Pass to ensure you aren’t wasting money, time or energy on sitting for an exam you’re not quite ready for. Passing your exam is incredibly exciting, but may be a bit confusing. If you’re asking yourself, “I Passed…Now What?“- we can provide you the guidance towards next steps for your career.

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Carolyn M. Rivera: Having trouble deciding on a certification or credential to pursue? Maybe you’re thinking about adding the Enrolled Agent credential to your CPA? Do you wonder what a Certified Internal Auditor actually does? Well, we’re here to help.

Welcome to Exam Matrix: your interactive community resource for deciding what credential, study materials, and career path is best for you.
All of us here at Exam Matrix recognize that many students, people looking to change career paths, and those looking to expand their career options alike are inundated with sometimes complex information regarding certifications, credentials, test-taking, and all the other minute details that make choosing one of these career paths a daunting task.

Our goal is to make your certification or credential-seeking process an easy one. We break down just how much time you need to acquire a credential from education, to professional experience, to recommended study time. Our experts provide tried and true study tips, passing strategies, and the advice to help you through challenges along the way. From there, we get a little more granular in explaining the demands of each credential and what industries you can take them to. Finally, we’ll help you determine what kind of learner you are to ensure you’re choosing the best study materials to prepare for your exams.

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