CPA candidates have the immense responsibility to balance a full-time job, studying, and everyday life in preparation for their CPA exam. While this balancing act isn’t the easiest to manage, it’s certainly not impossible by any means. The key to ensuring you are prepared for your CPA exam is to create effective study habits. In doing so, you can maximize your study time and potentially pass on your first try!

First off, choosing the best review course for your learning style and exam prep needs is super important. We recommend choosing a CPA review course that incorporates adaptive learning technology to help you save hours study time. The right adaptive technology will curate the study materials you need to focus on, based on what it learns from what you get wrong when answering multiple choice questions, practice questions, simulations, practice exams. 

Creating a study plan is key. By incorporating scheduled study sessions – while also sneaking in exam prep time during whatever free time you can. Follow our tried and true CPA exam study tips to make sure you’re prepared for each exam section. Whatever the amount of time you can study – make the most of it!


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