The CIA certification can open doors for the average internal auditor to enhance their earning potential and further their career. To become a CIA candidate one must complete all experience requirements – including work experience and education requirements. Once all prerequisites are fulfilled, it’s in the best interest of a CIA candidate to choose a review course that will aid their studying on their journey to becoming a certified internal auditor. The next step of a CIA candidate’s certification process is to schedule the date they’ll sit for the CIA exam. There are some exam fees required, but the return on this investment can be great.

The Institute of Internal Auditors – or the IIA – claim that those with the CIA designation can boost their earning potential by up to 40%. The greater prestige and salary increase associated with holding the CIA credential is logical and justifiable since passing the CIA exam requires the test taker to invest a great deal of time in mastering complex accounting practices and applying that knowledge to passing the CIA exam. Before you begin the application process and sit for the CIA exam, the ExamMatrix team feels it’s beneficial to know the kinds of jobs you can get with the CIA certification, which may give you an added incentive to move forward with your internal auditor career goals.

Jobs for Those With a CIA Certification

Depending on your level of experience in internal auditing once you become a CIA (certified internal auditor), you may qualify for a range of positions with various titles, such as:

  • Audit specialist
  • Junior Auditor
  • Senior Auditor
  • Audit manager
  • Supervisory auditor or accountant
  • Operational risk consultant
  • Staff internal auditor
  • Compliance auditor
  • Compliance oversight specialist
  • Internal audit consultant

To ensure a successful pursuit of your CIA, make sure you fulfill all work experience requirements, obtain the appropriate educational requirements, and pass your CIA Exam using a reputable Exam Review provider.

Pro Tip: Pick a CIA exam review provider that incorporates Adaptive Learning technology into their software to save yourself hours of study time!

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