Becoming a certified public accountant is contingent upon your ability to pass the CPA Examination and completing all necessary eligibility requirements. Generally, the CPA Exam review process can be pretty arduous. The CPA Exam is a four-part examination – each section clocking in at about 4 hours long – that includes sections covered a wide variety of material that you’ll need to know to obtain and keep your CPA license. The exam sections include AUD – or auditing and attestation, FAR – or financial accounting & reporting, REG – or regulation, and BEC – or Business Environment and Concepts. The AICPA is responsible for creating the uniform CPA Examination, but finding a CPA Review which includes study material that accurately reflects the CPA Exam makes choosing a CPA review so important.

While CPA Review systems are one of the most effective ways for you to increase your passing score, there are other simple tips to keep in mind that can help you improve your study time.

These three simple tricks will help you with your CPA Exam review.

  1. Location is key. 
    Finding the ideal spots to study should be a top priority. Experiment with locations to find places that are comfortable and allow you to focus. These can include studying alone at home, a space in a quiet café, or a spot in your local library. If you prefer to be in a public setting, with access to coffee and snacks, a cafe might be your best bet. If you thrive in very quiet places, you may want to opt for a public library to reduce distractions from pets, roommates or significant others. Once you’ve found your ideal locations and begin to frequent them as your designated CPA Review study spots, your brain will recognize that you’re shifting gears from the fast pace of your everyday routine to focused study time, ultimately improving your productivity.

  2. Create a specific schedule and stick to it.
    Use your personal planner to set milestones and deadlines for yourself. By keeping track of scheduled exam dates, subsequent testing windows, creating a score release timeline to keep track of release dates, and checking with your state board to account for any important dates they’ve set. Seeing it on your calendar will help you hold yourself accountable to your study schedule, which will ensure you’re prepared for taking the CPA Examination. While it may be tempting to just fit it in whenever you have the chance, having a consistent studying schedule set in stone is a better way to keep you on track.

    3. Take time at the end of each session to recap.
    Make sure you build time into the end of each session to review the study materials you’ve learned. Take a moment to recap the exam content you’ve covered and walk through the concepts you’ve reviewed, paying extra attention to the questions you found most difficult. If your CPA Review of choice incorporates adaptive technology, you’ll easily be able to identify the areas of study material you’ll need to focus on most for your next session!

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