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IRS Announces Three-Month Filing, Payment Extension Following Boston Marathon Explosions

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced a three-month tax filing and payment extension to Boston area taxpayers and others affected by Monday’s explosions.

This relief applies to all individual taxpayers who live in Suffolk County, Mass., including the city of Boston. It also includes victims, their families, first responders, others impacted by this tragedy who live outside Suffolk County and taxpayers whose tax preparers were adversely affected.


“Our hearts go out to the people affected by this tragic event,” said IRS Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller. “We want victims and others affected by this terrible tragedy to have the time they need to finish their individual tax returns.”

Under the relief announced today, the IRS will issue a notice giving eligible taxpayers until July 15, 2013, to file their 2012 returns and pay any taxes normally due April 15. No filing and payment penalties will be due as long as returns are filed and payments are made by July 15, 2013. By law, interest, currently at the annual rate of 3 percent compounded daily, will still apply to any payments made after the April deadline.


RTRP Test Statement (Sabina Loving Case)

On January 22, 2013 the IRS released a statement informing the public about its loss in the Sabina Loving case, stating that it has been enjoined from enforcing regulatory requirements for registered tax return preparers; that previously affected preparers are not currently required to register with the IRS, take a competency test, or secure continuing education.

The ruling DID NOT REMOVE THE REQUIREMENT TO OBTAIN AND ANNUALLY RENEW YOUR PTIN. You must still obtain a PTIN and renew it annually.
The IRS is now working with the Department of Justice on this issue. In an online posting (Doc 2013-1476), the Service said it “continues to have confidence in the scope of its authority to administer this program” and is “considering how best to address the court’s order and will take further action shortly.” These actions could include obtaining an appeal of the injunction, or having Congress grant them the authority to continue the RTRP Program.
ExamMatrix has been in ongoing discussions with industry experts and we are highly confident this issue will be permanently resolved and that RTRP Testing will eventually resume.
For now, the IRS has temporarily suspended RTRP EXAM scheduling and testing. If you have a future test date scheduled you will not be allowed to take that test until this issue is resolved. Once the matter is resolved, ExamMatrix will follow guidance from the IRS and Prometric on exam scheduling and forward this information on to our students.
Obviously we will continue to monitor this issue very closely and will update information on our website as we receive it.

RTRP Important Dates

calendarMid October, 2012:

•First day you can renew your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), must have completed 2012 15 hours Continuing Education:

December 31, 2012

• Deadline for completion of 15 hour Continuing Education

• Deadline to renew your PTIN number for the 2012 tax season

• Deadline to pass the IRS RTRP Competency Exam



Older Tax Professionals Worried About RTRP Test

filling of form 1040We just finished our 2012 season of exhibiting at IRS Tax Forums (the latest word from IRS leadership and experts in the fields of tax law, compliance and ethics), promoting our RTRP Exam Review Course.

While attending the IRS Tax Forums over the past few seasons we’ve witnessed something interesting. There seems to be a precipitous transformation within the tax preparer profession.
It’s no secret that the average age of a return preparer is higher than in other professions. We’ve come across dozens of tax professionals who have been in practice for over 40 years. But, now that the IRS has created this oversight which includes requiring non-enrolled tax professionals to pass the RTRP Exam, many of these older tax professionals are telling us that they are simply going to “get out of the business”.

As a result, will the RTRP test change the demographic of the tax preparer field? It seems to be already. As older tax preparers rapidly leave the industry, their void, for the most part, is being filled by a younger generation of tax preparer. This seems to be evident by the perceived average age of attendees at this year IRS Tax Forums. But, for the old guard of tax preparer who’s not quite ready to cut-bait and run, we want you to know you can pass the RTRP exam. In fact, the ExamMatrix RTRP Exam Review has helped students as old as 84 pass their exam, on the first try.

You see, you actually have a great advantage over the greener tax preparers … experience. You already have a solid foundation of tax law. For most of you the difficult part, the part that causes the most anxiety, is taking a timed computerized test. EXAMMATRIX CAN HELP. Our RTRP Exam Review software prepares you for test day, by not only getting you ready for the RTRP exam’s content, but perhaps more importantly, by getting you ready to TAKE the RTRP test. By working through practice questions in an environment similar to that you’ll be working in on the actual RTRP test you’ll become comfortable and proficient with the test’s “look-up” tools, timing nuances, and question type. In addition, if there were any content areas that you’d need to strengthen, our Adaptive-Learning technology will expose them. So come test day, there will be no surprise.


New RTRP Exam Registration Site

For those of you preparing to take the Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam, Prometric has created a new RTRP Exam registration site In addition to to the actual RTRP Test registration there’s other useful information like what to expect test day and testing center info.