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3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Studying Time

CPA Exam review can be an arduous process. While online review systems are one of the most effective ways for you to increase your chances of passing the CPA Exam, there are other simple tricks that can help you improve your study time. Here is a list of three simple tricks to help with your CPA Exam review:

  1. Location is key. Finding the ideal spot to study should be a top priority. Perform some experiments: do you find comfort in studying alone at home, or do you prefer being at a quiet café while wearing headphones? Every place has aspects that may be perceived as pros or cons. If you prefer a quiet place, you may want to opt for a public library so you won’t be distracted by pets, roommates or significant others. Once you’ve found your perfect place, your brain will recognize that you’re shifting gears from the fast pace of your day to day into a more focused study time, which will ultimately help to improve your performance.
  2. Create a specific schedule and stick to it. Use your online or paper planner to make space for study dates with yourself. Seeing it on your calendar will help you take studying more seriously. It may be tempting to just fit it in whenever you have the chance, but having a consistent studying schedule in black and white is the best way to go. Shorter, more frequent sessions are more effective than longer, marathon sessions.
  3. Take time at the end of each session to recap. Make sure you build time into the end of each study session to review what you’ve learned. Take a moment to close studying materials and talk through the concepts you’ve covered, spending extra time on the questions you found most difficult.When you need support for your CPA Exam review, contact the experts at ExamMatrix today! Call us at 800.272.7277 or get a demo!

10 Things Successful Students Did to Pass the CPA

Studying for the CPA Exam requires focus and drive. Since thousands of accountants have taken this exam before you, it is to your advantage to follow the steps that worked to help them pass the exam. Here is a list of 10 successful things students did to pass the CPA Exam:

  1. Identify what time of day works best for studying. Some people are night owls, whereas some people like to study first thing in the morning. Know your habits and capitalize on them.
  2. Minimize distractions. Turn your phone off and limit access to social media while studying.
  3. Don’t focus only on multiple-choice questions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all simulation questions.
  4. Don’t get writer’s block. Many test-takers fear the dreaded written communication requirement segment of the exam. Practice developing a thesis statement and write rest of your response in support of your thesis.
  5. Don’t underestimate the time you’ll need to study. Many test takers make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to study for the exam. It will take well over 100 hours of studying time to prepare yourself fully.
  6. Create a mock exam schedule and follow it. The CPA Exam takes stamina. Make sure you’re prepared by mapping out a day that follows the actual exam timeframe and take a practice test.
  7. Stay on top of testing windows. Make sure you know where and when you’re taking the exam. Where you plan on taking the test will inform how easy it will be to schedule.
  8. Keep it close to your vest. Sharing that you are taking the CPA Exam may put unnecessary pressure on your studying. It’s ok to keep it to yourself!
  9. Study hard until (almost) the bitter end. Study frequently until the last two days before the test, where you should lighten your load to absorb more information.
  10. Review courses are mandatory. Don’t do it on your own! There are several online review courses available that will help you get closer to your goal. In fact, ExamMatrix offers a Pass or Refund Guarantee on our exam review system.

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Will the CPA Change in 2017?

If you are studying to have a career in the field of accounting, you may have heard rumors that the CPA Exam will be changing in 2017. Indeed, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is implementing an updated CPA Exam, beginning on April 1, 2017.

Building off of the current form of the CPA Exam, the updated version will include questions that focus on using skepticism and professional judgment, being willing to challenge assumptions and swiftly identifying and preventing issues and errors. This is in order to assure that new CPA candidates are proficient in demonstrating their mastery of higher order skills.

The changes in content were sparked by a 2014 study to identify the skills that CPA professionals most need to possess in the current marketplace. The study discovered that the skills most needed include contributing to complex accounting projects early in a career, an increased knowledge in performing challenging tasks, and possessing a high level of critical thinking.

In addition to the changes in content, the new version the CPA Exam will be two hours longer in duration, increasing the test taking time from fourteen to sixteen hours. The exam will also be increasing in price.

With the changes that are taking place for the CPA Exam in 2017, you will want to set yourself up for success. exammatrix developed the very first computer-based CPA Exam review software. In fact, if you take advantage of one of the review software courses that exammatrix offers, you are guaranteed to pass the exam!

Since exammatrix acquired the CPA Review, we have made significant improvements to the CPA Exam review software. Because of our innovations, we have seen significantly higher pass rates than from the old software. Get a free demo to try these new changes!

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A Foolproof Plan for Passing the CPA Exam

The CPA Exam is a challenging test that serves as one of the final gateways into becoming an accountant. In April 2017, the test will be changing significantly. As an accounting student, you want to do everything in your power to pass the CPA Exam. At ExamMatrix, we’ve been helping accounting students study for and pass the CPA Exam for nearly fourteen years. Here is our foolproof plan for passing the CPA Exam.

  • Choose a method of studying that works with your schedule. There are many CPA Exam review products available, both online and in bookstores. ExamMatrix was the first to put CPA Exam review products online, and we haven’t stopped improving them since. We have tailored our CPA Exam review software to be flexible and adapt to the study schedule of our students.
  • Learn from your mistakes. The ExamMatrix CPA Exam review software reacts to how you answer each question. It even goes so far as to identify both your strengths and weaknesses and focuses on giving you more questions that will help you learn to correct your previous mistakes.
  • Simulate the exam as closely as possible. With ExamMatrix CPA Exam review software, you will be able to experience 38 Simulations that mimic the look and feel of the actual exam. With the CMA Exam Review Course software, you will be able to practice on 39 Essay Problems.
  • Spend your money wisely. ExamMatrix is so confident in the effectiveness of our CPA Exam review products, we offer a Pass or Refund Guarantee. This means if you don’t pass the CPA Exam, you’ll get your money back. Study in confidence with ExamMatrix!

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7 Myths About Prepping For The CPA Exam

When preparing for the CPA Exam there can be a lot of misconceptions about what to expect. General performance anxiety, and these common misconceptions can lead to nothing more than a recipe for disaster. The best thing for you to do, is take a deep breath, look over these myths, study hard, and review a sample exam so you can really get a feel for what the real CPA exam will be like.

  1. One common myth is that there is a curve when it comes to grading the completed exams. This is not true. Every test is graded individually therefore giving every applicant an individual score.
  1. There is also the myth that not many applicants of the CPA exam successfully pass the exam, this is also untrue, according to the AICPA (The American Institute of CPA’s) the average pass rate in 2015 varies by part between 46% and 56% depending on part. Business Environment and Concepts had the highest passing rate while Financial Accounting and Reporting had the lowest.
  1. Yet another myth is whether or not there is an appeal process for barely failing grades on the exam. There is an appeal process but usually since the computerized grading system has been implemented, the chance of an appeal changing a failing grade to a passing grade is only about 1%.
  1. As long as you get 75% of each section’s questions correct then you should pass the exam is another common misconception. Each of the four sections is graded differently in accordance with its difficulty level.
  1. Some people rely on if they pass the multiple choice section they have a greater chance of passing the exam entirely. While this isn’t completely untrue, it is not a very wise decision to place so much faith in one section.
  1. The results of your exam will not be given to you right away. The exam results are released only after the testing window has closed. All the exam results for each testing window are released at roughly the same time everywhere, usually the second week of the closed testing window month.
  1. Some people believe that if you take the most difficult section (out of the four) first then the rest of the exam will be a breeze. This is not true. There is not one section that will be particularly harder than the next. Each section will require the same amount of thinking and hard work to be done well.

The bottom line is do not believe every rumor you hear about the CPA exam. If you have are unsure about the information you have received, contact AICPA or your State Board of Accountancy, who will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Which Accounting Certification Exam is Best for Me?

Not all Accounting Certification exams are made the same. You have several choices and knowing a bit about each one will help you decide the best one for your specific situation. The choices are CPA, CFA, CMA, CIA, and CAIA.

The first is Certified Public Accountant which covers lots of different types of accounting. Some of these are financial accounting, corporate finance, and general business. It has the highest requirement for education with five years required plus experience. The Certified Management Accountant is similar with a focus on cost accounting and analysis and works the best for corporate accounting goals.

The Certified Internal Auditor is specifically for internal auditing. The Chartered Financial Analyst only covers finance and investment. The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is a newer certification that focuses on alternative investments and you need a bachelor’s degree and experience for this one as well.

Do a little research on each type of certification and make sure you know the type of accounting you are interested in. Then figure out the education required to take each certification. Once you figure out the right test you can start working on the accounting certification exam review for you.