Adaptive Learning

“Adaptive Learning” Technology

100% Personalized Study: When you first begin using the ExamMatrix software it may appear as if you’re just working through random multiple-choice questions, it’s that simple to use, but in reality there is MUCH, MUCH more going on behind the scenes. Our innovative exam reviews are actually dynamically reacting to how you answer every question. The tax preparer software is identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then adapting your study sessions to your personal study needs. As you begin to develop scoring patterns across the different categories, the software calibrates that with weights assigned to each category and then alters the percentage of questions you see for each. This means that, unlike old-fashioned exam reviews, ExamMatrix’s “Adaptive-Learning” software ensures every study session is tailor-made just for you, optimizing your valuable time while greatly improving your results. Gone are the days of one-shoe-fits-all, linear learning. Start using adaptive technology to improve your exam scores!

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