About ExamMatrix

Choosing a certification or credential to pursue can be an incredibly daunting task. With the expanse of information on the Internet, differentiating between the sometimes minute details that make each credential unique can be a challenge.

ExamMatrix helps people in all stages of their educational journeys and careers learn about potential career options, credentials and certifications, and how to pursue them. This site features short, informative videos, blog articles, and—in the near future—a community forum where students and professionals will be able to share experiences, pose questions, suggest new approaches to succeeding in a particular exam, build professional networks, and more.

Recognizing that many students could benefit so greatly from adaptive learning are unaware of its benefits, Surgent transformed ExamMatrix into a new and comprehensive resource for all kinds of exam review candidates.

ExamMatrix and Surgent Professional Education first joined forces in 2015. At the time, ExamMatrix was an early innovator in adaptive learning-based exam review and Surgent was a leading provider of continuing professional education (CPE) courses for accounting and tax professionals. Today, Surgent provides one of the fastest-growing lines of exam review courses in the world, built upon what is widely recognized as the most advanced adaptive learning technology in the exam prep industry.

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