3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Studying Time

How to Improve Your Studying Time for the CPA

3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Studying Time

CPA Exam review can be an arduous process. While online review systems are one of the most effective ways for you to increase your chances of passing the CPA Exam, there are other simple tricks that can help you improve your study time. Here is a list of three simple tricks to help with your CPA Exam review:

  1. Location is key. Finding the ideal spot to study should be a top priority. Perform some experiments: do you find comfort in studying alone at home, or do you prefer being at a quiet café while wearing headphones? Every place has aspects that may be perceived as pros or cons. If you prefer a quiet place, you may want to opt for a public library so you won’t be distracted by pets, roommates or significant others. Once you’ve found your perfect place, your brain will recognize that you’re shifting gears from the fast pace of your day to day into a more focused study time, which will ultimately help to improve your performance.
  2. Create a specific schedule and stick to it. Use your online or paper planner to make space for study dates with yourself. Seeing it on your calendar will help you take studying more seriously. It may be tempting to just fit it in whenever you have the chance, but having a consistent studying schedule in black and white is the best way to go. Shorter, more frequent sessions are more effective than longer, marathon sessions.
  3. Take time at the end of each session to recap. Make sure you build time into the end of each study session to review what you’ve learned. Take a moment to close studying materials and talk through the concepts you’ve covered, spending extra time on the questions you found most difficult.When you need support for your CPA Exam review, contact the experts at ExamMatrix today! Call us at 800.272.7277 or get a demo!

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