Will the CPA Change in 2017?

Will the CPA Change in 2017?

If you are studying to have a career in the field of accounting, you may have heard rumors that the CPA Exam will be changing in 2017. Indeed, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is implementing an updated CPA Exam, beginning on April 1, 2017.

Building off of the current form of the CPA Exam, the updated version will include questions that focus on using skepticism and professional judgment, being willing to challenge assumptions and swiftly identifying and preventing issues and errors. This is in order to assure that new CPA candidates are proficient in demonstrating their mastery of higher order skills.

The changes in content were sparked by a 2014 study to identify the skills that CPA professionals most need to possess in the current marketplace. The study discovered that the skills most needed include contributing to complex accounting projects early in a career, an increased knowledge in performing challenging tasks, and possessing a high level of critical thinking.

In addition to the changes in content, the new version the CPA Exam will be two hours longer in duration, increasing the test taking time from fourteen to sixteen hours. The exam will also be increasing in price.

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