Which Accounting Certification Exam is Best for Me?

Which Accounting Certification Exam is Best for Me?

Not all Accounting Certification exams are made the same. You have several choices and knowing a bit about each one will help you decide the best one for your specific situation. The choices are CPA, CFA, CMA, CIA, and CAIA.

The first is Certified Public Accountant which covers lots of different types of accounting. Some of these are financial accounting, corporate finance, and general business. It has the highest requirement for education with five years required plus experience. The Certified Management Accountant is similar with a focus on cost accounting and analysis and works the best for corporate accounting goals.

The Certified Internal Auditor is specifically for internal auditing. The Chartered Financial Analyst only covers finance and investment. The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is a newer certification that focuses on alternative investments and you need a bachelor’s degree and experience for this one as well.

Do a little research on each type of certification and make sure you know the type of accounting you are interested in. Then figure out the education required to take each certification. Once you figure out the right test you can start working on the accounting certification exam review for you.

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