Best Alternative to Getting CPA License

Best Alternative to Getting CPA License

A certified public accountant (CPA) license is widely recognized in the accounting industry as being an attestation to an accounting professional’s level of expertise and competency. However, those in the field of accounting have other options available to them aside from earning a CPA license in order to achieve their career goals. At ExamMatrix, our study programs assist test takers with earning various licenses and certifications, such as CPA, certified internal auditor (CIA), certified information systems auditor (CISA), and certified management accountant (CMA). If you are interested in discovering how to get ahead in the world of professional accounting without a CPA license, your best alternative depends greatly on your expertise and the areas in which you will work.

Certified Internal Auditor

If you plan to work in internal auditing, obtaining a CIA certification is a must-have if you are eager to advance your career. To reach an executive position, however, you may consider earning a CPA license in the future.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The auditing of information systems (IS) is best handled by those holding the niche CISA certification as the skills held by a CISA are more specialized than that of a CPA. These professionals are trained to audit and manage information technology and business systems, pinpoint data integrity issues, develop internal controls and assess compliance.  

Certified Management Accountant

For positions centering on financial business analysis and management accounting, a CMA would be better suited to excel over another professional holding a CPA.

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