Advantages to Getting Your CIA Certification

Advantages to Getting Your CIA Certification

The CIA exam is highly sought after not only by potential auditors, but also by big businesses and organizations. When professionals successfully pass the CIA certification exam, they expand their career options and potential.

Many auditors will choose to earn their certified internal auditor designation as a way to bolster their resume. The main advantages to this prestigious certification are:

  • The CIA exam is globally recognized around the world. This allows a professional to work in a variety of environments that all recognize the individual’s credentials.
  • The certification demonstrates that an auditing professional understands and is able to apply the best practices of auditing to meet today’s challenging business environments.
  • Auditors can benefit from certification no matter their current position. All stages of orders are able to bolster their resume with a CIA exam, including:
    • Chief audit executives
    • Audit staff
    • Risk management staff
    • Audit managers
  • All auditors are able to enhance the credibility in the field by obtaining their certification.

Certified internal auditors also make a much higher salary the non-certified auditors. CIAs, in 2013, had an income that was $29,000 higher than their counterparts in the United States. In Canada, this number is $25,000 higher.

The earning potential after passing the CIA exam is much higher, which is a major benefit for anyone entering into the field. Call ExamMatrix today at (303) 768-0929 to learn more about the CIA exam review!

This information is derived from a study that was conducted by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Businesses are looking for employees that have the credentials and certifications needed to propel their business’s growth and earnings. Auditors are in high demand, and having the designation that the CIA exam provides is a major bonus when looking for jobs. Not only do these professionals land higher-paying positions, they’ll also be in much higher demand and are more highly sought after than non-certified auditors.

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