How to Know You are Ready for the CPA Exam

How to Know You are Ready for the CPA Exam

When are you ready for the CPA exam? Some people are ready when they know they’ve fully absorbed all of the training material, but this isn’t always enough. In fact, you are not going to remember all of the material that was covered, but you can remember enough to pass the test.

Did You Study Enough?

People that have successfully passed the exam state that they took 2 ½ months to study each section before passing. This means you’ll need to study the FAR, AUD, REG and BEC portions of the exam for 2 ½ months each. In total, you’ll need 10 months of studying to pass.

If you spend more than 3 months studying, statistically you’re less likely to pass the exam.

Why? You are overdoing it.

The best course of action is to study and make sure that you follow a review course to see if you’re ready to take the exam. If you study for just a month and expect to pass, you have a very low chance of success.

You Pass All of the Review Material

Reviews are meant to help you pass the test. Using a proven review system, you’ll be able to:

  • Judge your current level of knowledge.
  • Judge which areas of the test you need to improve on.
  • Take practice tests to see your results.

Students that take our exams have a higher chance, statistically, to pass the exam on the first try. This allows for a real-world example of how the test will be laid out and what questions will appear on your respective test.

If you haven’t followed all of the available review material, you’re not ready to take the exam.

There is no concrete way to know with a 100% certainty that you’ll pass your CPA exam on the first try. The best you can do is study, follow a review course and take the test for yourself. A lot of people fail their first time and pass their second time because they are familiar with the test. So when you feel ready, give the CPA exam a try.

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