Why you need to consider a CMA

Why you need to consider a CMA

You have your accounting degree, right?  Now what?

Statistically speaking, many accounting majors will set their sights on the CPA Exam, but is that actually the best credential to earn?  Did you know that the Certified Management Accountant exam saw the number of candidates increase 34.6% from 2013 to 2014?  And the CPA Exam?  Little to no growth since 2011 (source:  AICPA).

So why the vastly different trends between CPA and CMA?  Well, the most obvious reason is the trend of accounting majors to either choose corporate accounting over public accounting upon graduating from college, or, leaving public accounting for corporate accounting before attempting to earn the CPA.  And the CMA Exam is only two parts vs. four for the CPA, has a slightly higher pass rate than the CPA Exam, and CMA Exam Review courses are usually far less expensive than CPA Exam Review courses (the complete ExamMatrix CMA Exam Review is only $695).  Is the CMA right for you?

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