CIA Exam is Difficult

CIA Exam is Difficult

We hear many students tell us they feel the CIA Exam is as difficult, if not more so, than the CPA Exam.  Statistically speaking, nothing could be further from the truth!


While the results for the first year of the IIA’s new Three-Part CIA Exam are not yet tabulated, the historical data from the previous year’s CIA Exam pass rates for Candidates in North America paints a very positive picture.


Pass rates for the 2012 CIA Exam, which was a Four-Part Exam, had pass rates in North America as follows:


Part 1:   52.9%

Part 2:   73.52%

Part 3:   53.09%

Part 4:   70.65%


When the IIA switched to a Three-Part Exam in July 2013, the overall content coverage between the two exam formats did not experience a drastic change in coverage, but rather more of a “reshuffling”.


As such, we expect first year pass rates of the Three-Part CIA Exam to average around 60% for North American Students, noticeably higher than the CPA Exam pass rates which are historically under 50%.


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