CPA Review Technology Learns from You While You Learn

CPA Review Technology Learns from You While You Learn

Remember those three-inch thick, one-size-fits-all college exam prep workbooks you bought back in the day? Since then, CPA review technology has evolved to make use of the latest technology to make studying for the U.S. CPA Exam a personalized experience so you can focus your precious study hours on what matters most. Doing a CPA Exam Review is a daunting task, which is why ExamMatrix has created the best CPA exam prep software making it possible for you to get the most out of time spent.

ExamMatrix uses Adaptive Learning Technology to give you a personalized experience; similar to what you’d get if you were paying for one-on-one tutoring sessions. After you install the program, you’ll be prompted to input your exam date and the estimated amount of time you’ll devote to studying each week. From there, the program creates an individualized plan to get you through all the material so you’re not cramming the week before.

Once you begin going through the material and answering the multiple-choice questions, ExamMatrix will assess your answers and identify which concepts you’ve mastered and which ones could use more refining. Your scores will be logged and the algorithms updated; so you get the perfect balance of questions you can answer quite easily and those requiring more practice. Your study sessions will be tailored around the latter. As you answer questions, you’ll be able to see a complete explanation of the answer and check out additional digital resources.

In the Adaptive Learning phase, you’ll complete a comprehensive review of the material and get extra study questions in your weak areas. Your sessions will be optimized so you get the most out of every minute. Just before the CPA Exam, you’ll take a review test to prepare you for the format of the exam and help you get accustomed to taking a timed exam.

In addition to getting a personalized learning experience without the hassle of having to hire a tutor, you’ll be able to study whenever you choose. You’ll be able to study from anywhere, at any time; as long as you have a tablet or laptop and an internet connection.  If you’re ready to begin your CPA Exam Review with tailor-made study sessions, check out the ExamMatrix CPA review today.

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