Don't Mess with Taxes: The Best CPA Review Courses

Don't Mess with Taxes: The Best CPA Review Courses

Just the thought of spending hundreds of hours studying, shelling out big bucks to register and then sitting for the 14 hour CPA exam is enough to push many people down another career path. You stuck with it and have lots of time and money invested in your future profession. Acing the CPA Exam is crucial to get your best ROI; which is why it’s extremely important to use only the best CPA Review Courses for the count-down to exam day.

ExamMatrix is an online CPA Review Course that tailors your study sessions to your unique needs. Thanks to adaptive learning technology, you receive a fully personalized study method which ensures you don’t waste precious hours reviewing areas in which you already excel. The software will track your performance, identify areas you should target and provide materials that focus specifically on your weak areas. Your reference report will give you targeted reading assignments that zone in on the concepts where you struggle, so you can quickly and efficiently boost your exam score.

Included in the ExamMatrix course are over 4,500 practice questions from previous CPA Exams, as well as questions created by experts specifically for this program. There are also more than 200 task-based simulations which will help you apply accounting knowledge to real life situations that you’re bound to encounter. As you work through the materials, you’ll find links to digital reference books so you can get a more thorough understanding of a concept.

ExamMatrix allows you a complete 24 months of full review access and 12 months of parts review access; including all updates as they’re released. You’re free to take your time and study no matter where you are; all you need is an internet connection and your laptop. As test day draws near, you can switch to customized study sessions that drill-down the material you need the most. Take practice exams to get a feel for the experience and reduce anxiety.

Satisfied users say that this is truly the best of the best CPA review courses available. Users note their colleagues have spent multiple times the cost of this product–just $899–with sub-par results and overwhelming anxiety come test day. If you complete the course and don’t pass, you can get a full refund, which means there’s nothing to lose by choosing ExamMatrixFollow this link to purchase the CPA exam review!

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