CPA Exam Crams Boost Brain Power 'til the Bitter End

CPA Exam Crams Boost Brain Power 'til the Bitter End

You’re down to the home stretch before it’s time to sit the U.S. CPA Exam. You need a program to help you ace this all-important exam without wasting your time on busy-work or questions covering material you’ve already mastered. Perhaps you’ve tried other programs but can’t quite get those final 10 points you need to pass and make your career dreams into reality. Fortunately, ExamMatrix has created four CPA Exam Cram Courses that will help you determine the specific areas in which you need to focus.  Exam Cram is equipped to quiz you with hundreds of practice questions and answers so you can strengthen your weak spots.  This translates into the higher score–and confidence levels–for which you’re looking. The four CPA exam review courses available include:

CPA Exam Cram: Auditing & Attestation: This course includes over one thousand multiple-choice questions covering the audition and attestation portion of the CPA Exam. You’ll go through 70 simulated task-based problems to solidify your skills. An integrated digital reference book is included in your 60 days of online access.

CPA Exam Cram: Regulation: If this is your weak spot, don’t worry–you’ll have access to more than 1,300 questions many from previous exams, PLUS fresh questions created by accounting experts. Also included, are 50 realistic simulations that you may see in your career. The 60 days of online access comes with an integrated digital reference book for further brushing up on topics.

CPA Exam Cram: Business Environment & Concepts: This cram course comes with 1,200 realistic questions that could be on the test or pop up in real life. Each question is accompanied by a full text answer and links to the digital reference book. You’ll get 60 days of online access so you can zero in on the concepts in this portion of the test.

CPA Exam Cram: Financial Accounting & Reporting:  This 60-day course includes over 1,200 multiple-choice questions and 60 task based simulations. Each question includes a full text answer and the courses gives you access to digital reference materials.

Each Exam Cram software package is designed to help you make the most of your time by using Adaptive Learning technology to single out the areas where you need to focus on a bit more. Your ExamMatrix student dashboard gives you the missing piece of the puzzle so you can see which areas require fine-tuning and focus on them. You’ll get the full-length course to complete at an accelerated pace and at an affordable price.

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