How to Select the Best CPA Exam Review Courses

How to Select the Best CPA Exam Review Courses

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is what most accountants and financial experts aspire to become; usually after completing a minimum Bachelor Degree, gaining extensive experience in the field, and establishing a track-record of dependability, competency, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. This honor is conferred, though, only to those who pass the challenging CPA Exam.

Most Important CPA Exam Facts

Going back to 1917, CPA Exams have a long-established, well-respected history. Administered by State Boards of Accountancy, the exam is the same for all states. It consists of 4 parts: Auditing/Attestation (AUD); Financial Accounting/Reporting (FAR); Regulation (REG); and Business Environment/Concepts (BEC). It takes about 14 hours and is administered under strict rules/guidelines. In order to pass, you’ll want the best CPA exam review course available.

What to Look for in the Best CPA Review Courses

Although there are several review courses to choose from, seeking the answer “yes” to the following questions will help you best prepare for the most important test of your life:


  • Does the review course first analyze weaknesses/strengths before showering you with questions and practice exercises?
  • How does it compare price-wise with other services?
  • How well does the service stay in touch with the latest changes to the U.S. CPA exam?
  • Does the review course use an “Adaptive Learning Technology?”—is it adaptable to your personal learning capacity/speed and present level of knowledge?
  • Does it include thousands of questions fashioned from previously-administered CPA Exams?
  • Can it claim, like ExamMatrix, that it is one of the original computerized CPA Exam Review courses?
  • Does it include a Pass or Refund guarantee?
  • Does it automatically create “targeted reading assignments?”
  • Does it include “task-based simulations?”
  • Does it include “digital reference books?”
  • Does it offer “custom-study modes?”
  • Is the service’s website a rich cornucopia of valuable information about CPA Exam preparation and sign-up procedures?
  • Does the review course offer stand-alone resources to aid your study?
  • Does it offer a “cram” course for those who need to take the exam soon?
  • Does it give comprehensive, similar-to-the-official-test practice exams and the special assistance/attention needed to pass the CPA Exam with flying colors?


While there are several CPA review courses out there, your best bet is a service that comes well-recommended and offers things the other services don’t.  ExamMatrix answers yes to each of the above questions at a price much lower than the competition.   You have planned your whole life to become a CPA, let ExamMatrix’s CPA exam review courses help you step into your future.

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