Exam Review Software Tutorials

Below are a series of short tutorial videos we recommend all new users watch to fully understand how this powerful software works and how to get the most out of it. These videos have been recorded using the CPA exam review but the functionality will be similar for all our reviews (please note: naming conventions of reference materials will vary by review). Please note: only the CPA and CMA reviews have simulation problems.

Press the play button (white triangle) to open each tutorial video in a new window.

Quick Overview

Learning how to navigate around the software
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Study Session Set-Up 1 (Adaptive Learning)

How to set up a Personal Professor study session
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Study Session Set-Up 2

How to set up a customized study session
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Multiple-Choice Questions

How to work through a multiple-choice question
Using the tiered learning tools
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Simulations Problems (CPA & CMA)

How to work through a simulation problem
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Simulated Exam Mode (EA, CPA and RTRP)

Setting up a simulated exam session
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How to optimize your progress using the reports
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Tools & Setup

How to use the tools features and additional program options
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