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ExamMatrix is proud to offer the Surgent EA Exam Review

Surgent’s groundbreaking EA Exam Review Software has completely changed the landscape of EA Exam Review preparation. There simply isn’t anything else on the market that will be more effective or efficient at getting you prepared to pass the difficult EA Exam. Through the power of our “Adaptive Learning” technology you’ll experience a personalized study program that a live professor would find hard to match, but at a fraction of the cost, and one that accommodates your busy schedule.

Unfortunately there are too many review courses out there with tons of flash but no substance. An EA exam review is only as good as its content. Before you purchase an Enrolled Agent exam review you need to know where its content is coming from. Ours is written by an expert educator, Anthony P. Curatola, Ph.D., Joseph  F. Ford Professor of Accounting at Drexel University.

With the Surgent EA Exam Review, you’ll have everything you’ll need to pass the EA exam. Use our powerful software to work through 1,800 multiple-choice questions, many taken directly from past exams, all with in-depth explanations, direct reference to the corresponding IRS publications, and related glossary terms. It’s all in a format similar to that of the actual exam, so you’ll be comfortable with the exam’s computerized testing environment. Plus, with Surgent’s EA Exam Review you can take unlimited simulated exams, giving you unmatched confidence and preparedness. So do what thousands of Enrolled Agents have done before you and use Surgent to pass the Enrolled Agent Exam!

  • New EA Exam Review innovations – Intelligent Software
  • Over 1,800 Multiple-Choice Questions – With Full Text Answers
  • Up-to-Date IRS Publications – Built Right Into the Software
  • Over 80% Pass Rate
  • Simulated Exam Mode
  • Pass or Refund Guarantee


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Pass or Refund Guarantee

Surgent backs all its reviews with a Pass or Refund Guarantee. The bottom line, our review works.

“I will have to tell you, I was very skeptical when any company would give you a “pass guarantee”. I went into the exam with a peace of mind knowing I was ready, and guess what, I passed all 3 parts of the EA Exam the first try. Being a very analytical person, I loved several things of this software: 1) it gave me a goal oriented study time per day 2) it gave me statistical data that showed my strengths and weaknesses 3) it let me take a practice exam. Thank you!”

Submitted By: Bennett

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Two of the Top 4 Tax Prep companies in the United States use the Surgent EA Review to ensure their Tax Associates pass the EA Exam the first time!

In this competitive market, an Enrolled Agent credential creates greater value for your clients. This means greater revenue potential for you. As a federally authorized tax practitioner, an Enrolled Agent is able to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Just like a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or attorney, an Enrolled Agent is not restricted in terms of which taxpayers they can represent, which IRS offices they can practice before, and what types of tax matters they can handle.As a busy professional, finding time to acquire an Enrolled Agent credential can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be. That’s because Surgent’s EA Exam Review Software is PROVEN to help the busy professional, like you, successfully become an Enrolled Agent with greatly reduced study time in a very cost-effective way.The Surgent EA Exam Review is authored and expertly managed by Dr. Anthony Curatola, Professor of Taxation at Drexel University. Our EA Exam Review has the most up-to-date and relevant content available. And with the IRS Publications embedded directly in the software, all the resources you’ll need are just a click away.

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