Increase Your CPA Exam Score with CPA Courses

Increase Your CPA Exam Score


Objective Questions

ExamMatrix CPA review course objectives are simple: to best prepare you for the objective and simulation questions and increase your CPA exam scores.

Objective questions are a major portion of each section of the CPA exam. Objective questions cover a wide range of topics providing a larger scope to the CPA exam. Our CPA courses help improve your understanding of the objective questions, and the the theories behind what is being tested.  Mastery of the content being tested, not memorizing question answers, leads to better CPA exam scores.

Never Exceed the maximum time until you have attempted answering all questions

Answer the objective questions in the order presented in the Exam. Skipping forward and backward wastes valuable time and you risk omitting some questions entirely.

Read each alternative carefully and eliminate those you immediately identify as incorrect

Review the alternatives not crossed out and determine which one is most appropriate. This is easier said than done! ExamMatrix CPA courses provide valuable tools so you can properly prepare.

Answer every question, even if you must guess

Candidates often wonder whether they should guess when they are not sure of the correct response to an objective question. The answer is definitely YES! Even if you are unable to eliminate any of the responses, there is still a chance that the correct answer will be selected by a guess. If you don’t guess, you have a 100% chance of being wrong. CPA exam scores can improve with a correct guess, but certainly won’t by leaving a question unanswered.


Simulation Questions

CPA exam scores are also determined by simulations which are case studies that require the candidate to review business scenarios common to those required of entry-level CPAs. They will then be required to demonstrate their knowledge through the completion of simulation exercises. The exercises are made up of written communication tasks, spreadsheet responses, and forms completion. Simulations will also include an online search as a required task. The candidates will have access to accounting literature databases during the exam; depending on the section they will be directed to Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, or Tax Code. Each exam section will initially include two simulations. No simulations will be used in the Business Environment and Concepts section.

Follow directions specifically

Study the requirements first. Study the question, noting order requirements, answer methods and if answers may be used more than once. Pay special attention to the subject matter being emphasized.

Complete all Tabs

When you are finished go back and make sure each element of each tab is fully completed. You do not want to risk receiving only partial or no credit because you forgot to complete one of the tabs.

Check Math if Time Permits

Review the solution for completeness, accuracy and format. Use the remaining time to review the solution. Recheck your math using the calculator feature provided.

Written communication should be clear and concise

Effective writing skills include the following six characteristics:

  • Coherent organization
  • Conciseness
  • Clarity
  • Use of standard English
  • Responsiveness to the question
  • Appropriateness for the reader

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