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First of all, this IS a complete CPA Exam Review Course.

Some of our competitors are going out of their way to tell you that a CPA Exam Review Course without video is not a complete course (especially if that course pricing starts at only $499 for all four exam sections).  In reality, the vast majority of the major CPA Review Courses do offer video, and yet the CPA Exam has a failure rate of around 50% per exam section.  This is even more interesting when you consider this fact:  MOST CPA REVIEW PROVIDERS ARE LICENSING THE SAME MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AND SIMULATIONS FROM THE AICPA.

So why do we think the ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review is a better way to study for the CPA Exam?  Simple.
1. We offer better instructional design that is built around our Adaptive Learning Platform
2. We’ve only had to issue 8 refunds on our Pass or Refund Guarantee for the last 4,000 exam section enrollments.

Secondly, our Instructional Design can beat up their Instructional Design.

Want to do yourself a huge favor? Read the next paragraph in its entirety. Seriously. You have no idea how many students we have that say to us “I just wish I had chosen ExamMatrix the first time”.

Your learning needs are as unique and as individualized as your fingerprint. So why would we give you a CPA Exam Review Course that simply instructs you to watch every video, read every page of our textbooks, do all the multiple choice questions and simulations, rinse and repeat?  The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review’s proprietary Adaptive-Learning technology will define what YOUR needs are and then tailor your CPA study sessions to optimize your study time. We’ll choose which questions to study next, which portions of our textbook to study, and make you focus your study!  The result is a proven, 100% personalized study method that will quickly boost your CPA exam scores and reduce your study time!

12/24 Month Online Subscription

The ExamMatrix Online CPA Exam Review Course is offered as a 12 or 24 month four-part review and as a 6 month/single section course with all content and platform updates included, to reflect the latest AICPA Content Specification Outlines for questions and simulations including the latest Document Review Simulations for Regulation, Auditing & Attestation, and Financial Accounting & Reporting sections.  This way you can be prepared for any of the CPA Exam testing windows and study when it best fits your needs, with the freedom to study anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Over 6,600 Multiple-Choice CPA Practice Questions and over 290 Simulation Problems

Our CPA Exam Review Course has a testbank that is mostly AICPA retired questions and problems, just like those CPA Exam Reviews that cost $2,000-3,500.  Questions are referenced back to our textbook, and for most questions, you can actually click a link to access that part of the textbook right on screen.

Targeted Reading Assignments (Homework)

Our textbooks total over 1,700 pages. Guess what? We DON’T want you read all 1,700 pages, or, at least, we are going to try to keep you from having you read all 1,700 pages. Why? Simple. Some of this content you already know. It may be a little, or, hopefully, it is a lot. Either way, it makes no sense to read something you have already mastered.

The Reference Report is a personalized reading assignment that the software creates for you based on your study performance. Your reading assignments will be deliberate and focused, zeroing in on theories and concepts that will have the biggest impact on your CPA exam performance. This means you’ll spend considerably less study time reading from the reference material when compared to more traditional study methods.

Integrated Digital Reference Books

The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review Online Course includes expertly written CPA Exam reference books integrated directly into the CPA study course. These CPA Exam reference books are linked/referenced directly from the CPA practice question’s explanation screen. For those of you who still like a hardcopy book and highlighter to study, the books are also available in hard copy format.

Custom Study Mode

Yes, Adaptive-Learning will create a personalized study path from beginning to end for you. But some students want a little more control. We get that. With our Customized Study Mode you can create your own study sessions that focus on question types and content areas you select.

Practice Exam Mode

Practice makes perfect. Preparing for the CPA exam is no different. As you near your exam date you’ll supplement your CPA exam studies with CPA Practice Exams. These practice exams will help prepare you for the actual act of taking the exam. By becoming accustomed to the CPA exam’s functionality and time restrictions you’ll minimize your test day anxiety.

Pass or Refund

Our CPA Exam Review Course works. If you follow our prescribed study method you’ll pass your exam section. And, if you don’t we’ll give you a full refund.