2014 CPA Exam Information & Review Course



Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Your learning needs are as unique and as individualized as your fingerprint. The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review’s proprietary Adaptive-Learning technology will define what those needs are and then tailor your CPA study sessions to optimize your study time. The result is a proven, 100% personalized study method that will quickly boost your CPA exam scores.

12/24 Month Online Subscription

The ExamMatrix Online CPA Exam Review Course is offered as a 12 or 24 month four-part review and as a 6 month/single section course with all content and platform updates included. With the freedom to study anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Adaptive-Learning Platform

ExamMatrix is the only online CPA Exam Preparation course to utilize an Adaptive-Learning platform. Our powerful 100% personalized study method will drastically reduce your study time by dynamically focusing your study sessions on the exam content areas that will most improve YOUR scores.

Over 5,900 Multiple-Choice CPA Practice Questions

The ExamMatrix Online CPA Exam Review comes jam-packed with over 5,900 CPA exam practice questions, each hand picked by our content experts to best teach a specific CPA exam concept. Many of these CPA practice questions were used in previous CPA exams, while others were purposefully constructed by our content experts to help reinforce key exam concepts.

Targeted Reading Assignments

The Reference Report is a personalized reading assignment that the software creates for you based on your study performance. Your reading assignments will be deliberate and focused, zeroing in on theories and concepts that will have the biggest impact on your CPA exam performance. This means you’ll spend considerably less study time reading from the reference material when compared to more traditional study methods.

Over 250 Task-Based Simulations

The ExamMatrix CPA Exam study method includes a comprehensive collection of Task-Based Simulations. These condensed case studies test accounting knowledge and skills using real life work-related situations. As you get further into your CPA studies you’ll mix in Task-Based Simulation study sessions to practice working through all the different simulations types you’ll encounter on the actual CPA exam: Research, Written Communication, Journal Entries, Tax Forms, and more.

Integrated Digital Reference Books

The ExamMatrix CPA Exam Review Online Course includes expertly written CPA Exam reference books integrated directly into the CPA study course. These CPA Exam reference books are linked/referenced directly from every CPA practice question’s explanation screen. Also available in hard copy format.

Custom Study Mode

Yes, Adaptive-Learning will create a personalized study path from beginning to end for you. But some students want a little more control. We get that. With our Customized Study Mode you can create your own study sessions that focus on question types and content areas you select.

Practice Exam Mode

Practice makes perfect. Preparing for the CPA exam is no different. As you near your exam date you’ll supplement your CPA exam studies with CPA Practice Exams. These practice exams will help prepare you for the actual act of taking the exam. By becoming accustomed to the CPA exam’s functionality and time restrictions you’ll minimize your test day anxiety.

Pass or Refund

Our CPA Exam Review Course works. If you follow our prescribed study method you’ll pass your exam section. And, if you don’t we’ll give you a full refund.


“All that I can say about this program is “Wow.” I have several friends who have taken the CPA Exam and used review programs that were literally a couple thousand dollars more expensive than ExamMatrix. Using this program, I was able to pass all four parts of the exam on my first attempt, while not all of my friends, who used the more expensive programs, were able to pass initially. Perhaps, the most impressive aspect of my experience was that I have no formal training or work experience in the accounting field. I merely prepared with ExamMatrix and used the prior knowledge that I had obtained in college. A great aspect of the program is that the questions are very similar to those on the actual exam. In fact, I believe that there were a few that were actually word for word similar between the review course and the exam. I also really appreciated how there was immediate feedback after each question. The user is able to learn as he or she answers questions. ExamMatrix is a truly remarkable program for anyone who wants to pass the CPA Exam while also saving a considerable amount of money.” Submitted By: William (read more reviews)