CIA Exam Review Course


CIA Exam Review

The ExamMatrix CIA Exam Review Software is simply the BEST way for you to prepare for the CIA Exam. There simply isn’t anything else on the market that will be more effective or efficient at getting you prepared to pass the difficult Certified Internal Auditor Exam. Our powerful CIA Exam Review Software is aligned with The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework and boasts 2,000 multiple-choice questions (most provided directly from the IIA as questions used on previous exams), all presented in our proprietary “Tiered-Learning” environment, creating the most efficient learning imaginable. Combine that with our “Adaptive Learning” technology providing you with a dynamic, 100% personalized study program each and every study session, with up-to-date content, and a Pass or Refund Guarantee, and you simply won’t find a better value or a more effective way to prepare yourself for the Certified Internal Auditor Exam.

  • The only CIA Exam Review Course with Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Aligned with IPPF Standards
  • Over 2,000 Multiple-Choice Questions with Full Text Answers
  • 3 Integrated Digital Reference Books (Hard Copy Books Available)
  • Pass or Refund Guarantee
  • Over 80% Pass Rate

18 Month Online Subscription

Your Three-Part ExamMatrix Online CIA study course comes with a full 18 Months/Full Review and 12 Months/Parts access with all content and platform updates included. With the freedom to study anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.


The CIA Credential

The CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) credential is recognized internationally as the leading certification of internal auditors. As the industry standard, holding the prestigious CIA designation demonstrates professionalism and competency. Passing the CIA Exam is no easy task and what review you choose will be crucial to your success. ExamMatrix’s breakthrough CIA Exam Review Software is head-and-shoulders above anything else on the market. By utilizing ExamMatrix’s powerful technology you’ll be saving countless hours of study time while becoming more thoroughly prepared thanks to our CIA Exam Review’s “Intelligent Software.”

Unlike other software out there, our CIA Exam Review actually adjusts every time you use it to create your own personalized study program. By adapting to your strengths and weaknesses, our software guarantees you’re getting the most efficient and effective method of study possible. You’ll have access to over 2,000 multiple-choice questions, hand-picked from previous exams, to build the foundation of knowledge you’ll need to become a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor). Make your decision with certainty knowing your CIA Exam Review will come backed by a Pass or Refund Guarantee, one of the highest pass rates to date, and thousands of success stories.

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