California CPA Exam Requirements

California State Board Information

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California Board of Accountancy

2000 Evergreen Street, Suite 250

California State Requirements

Sacramento, CA 95815-3832

Phone: 916-263-3680

Fax: 916-263-3675



US Citizenship Required NO

Minimum Age NONE

Resident, employee or office in state: NOT REQUIRED

Education Requirements

Until January 2014: Pathway 1: Complete B.A. degree; or
Pathway 2: Complete 150 hours (including B.A. degree).

Beginning January 2014: Complete 150 hours (including B.A. degree) and fulfill specific course requirements

Please contact the state board directly for full details: Website

State Exam Fees

AUD $192.03

BEC $172.51

FAR $192.03

REG $172.51

Application Fee: $100