About ExamMatrix

About ExamMatrix

ExamMatrix is a Colorado-based developer of certification review course software. We are the caretaker of the very first computer-based CPA review. Today, with over two decades of experience, we continue to be an industry leader through product development and a drive to be the best.

ExamMatrix is made up of a team of professionals who are passionate about one thing – helping each and every one of our students pass their exam.

We take great pride in the fact that thousands of people have successfully used our product to accomplish their goals.

Use one of ExamMatrix’s powerful review software courses and we guarantee you will pass your exam!

Our History

ExamMatrix acquired the ExamMatrix CPA Review in 2003. It was sold under the name of MicroMash. That acquisition included the questions database, simulations, and proprietary teaching methodology that altogether have produced such amazing results for over two decades.

Since we have acquired the CPA Review, we have spent significant time and resources to further refine it. We have updated the technology “backbone” and statistics package on which it is built, and have continually updated the weighting, questions, and simulations to reflect the current exams.

Today’s ExamMatrix Review products feature significant technology, performance, and ease-of-use enhancements. Because of these improvements, we actually are better seeing pass rates than those of the original review.

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