Our Exam Review System

What are ExamMatrix Exam Reviews?

Introducing the ExamMatrix Exam Review software line: Adaptive-Learning Software that’s driving the future of exam review and test preparation with unprecedented results. By offering an unmatched combination of effectiveness and flexibility, we enable you to become better prepared, faster. Utilize our groundbreaking technology to study exactly what you need to, every study session, and nothing more ─ think of ExamMatrix as your own personal professor. In fact, our Exam Reviews have proven to be so effective over the last 20 years, they all come backed by a Pass or Refund Guarantee*

Who Should Use ExamMatrix Exam Reviews?

Our reviews are perfect for the value-conscious, working professional or student, whose time is a valuable commodity. Unlike more traditional courses where classroom and travel time are necessary and the reading of books from cover to cover is required, our Exam Reviews work on your schedule, at your convenience, and utilize technology to generate unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. A program that’s this flexible can greatly improves your chance of success, making ExamMatrix the BEST way to prepare for your exam.

Why are ExamMatrix Exam Reviews So Effective?

When you first begin using our exam review software it may appear as if you’re just working through random multiple-choice questions … it’s that simple to use … but in reality there is MUCH, MUCH more going on behind the scenes that makes our reviews so incredibly effective. Our innovative exam reviews are actually reacting to how you answer every question. The software is identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then adapting your examination study sessions to your personal study needs creating a 100% personalized study method.

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  • Thank you very very much for the excellent EA Exam Program. I passed all three parts the first time. I would not have been able to accomplish that without your program.

    – Clay H

  • I bought ExamMatrix near the end of 2009. I was working full time and only had a hour or so a day to study during the week. So I started with using that hour a day to study using ExamMatrix. All I did to study was to answer the test questions in ExamMatrix. I did not read any of the publications or any other materials. I did read the explanations of the correct answer that are presented by the program after you answer a question. For part one I studied about 45 days in this manner and passed on my first attempt. I had to wait for the next exam until May. I followed the same study plan for part two. This took a little longer because there is more material. But once again I passed on the 1st try. When it came time to study for part three I had all the confidence in the world. It only took me a couple of weeks to be prepared to take part three again passing on my first try.

    Your program made it so easy to study the material needed to pass the exam. Thanks for developing this great product!!!

    – Mike C

  • What I really like about your program is that I always knew how much I needed to study. I also like the fact that I don't have to spend so much time reading. The instant feedback on the questions are great too. it was a significant help. Thank you.

    – Anonymous

  • Thank you Exam Matrix you have helped shape my future which is looking "pretty darn good" if I must say so!!

    "I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who wants to be an "EA".  It is easy to use and very accurate in regards to the material need to pass the exams.

    – William D.

  • I really appreciate everything that you and everyone at ExamMatrix has done to assist me with my tests.  I've tried other test prep courses and I've found ExamMatrix to be the best/ most flexible/ comprehensive/ easy to understand out of all of them.

    – M. McDaniels